Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jebby's big moment of the weekend

I've mentioned before that Jebriel loves cars, and things that make noise. So cars that make noise are extra cool! The other day an ambulance drove by the house with the lights and sirens on and mimicking the "weeee oooooooh weeeee oooooh" was just about the only sound he made for the rest of the day.

This afternoon on the way home from the zoo (pics to come!) there was an accident up ahead and a state police car drove by with the lights and sirens, right next to his window. He was craning his neck to try to see what the police car was doing. We got to drive by an ambulance, a firetruck, and some police cars (everyone in the accident seemed to be ok).

Then this evening, we walked down the street to my parents' house to play in their big smooth driveway (ours needs some work...) and we walked past a police car. He was excited and we talked about all the emergency response vehicles. Just a few minutes later, a family friend who also happens to be a police officer drove by, saw us playing outside, and pulled into the driveway. Jebriel's face lit up as he turned on the lights and sirens for us!

Then the biggest moment, he let Jeb play in the police car! He showed him how to turn on the spot light, and even turned on the radio for him to hear the other officers talking.

He buckled himself in and was so giddy! It definitely made his weekend!
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