Sunday, March 4, 2012

Around the house this weekend

Rocking the glasses! The first couple of days it was hard to keep them on her, but now she's used to them and wears them all day. It's actually starting to look weird when she doesn't have the glasses on!

Cheesy big brother wanted in on the pictures!

Breakfast for dinner, the kids helped make pancakes and got a little excited about stirring! Good thing they also love cleaning up! Jebriel has the big broom, Vivi is holding the dust pan and the brush that goes with it, and Journey is trying to push the flour into the dust pan with a spatula :)

Vivi practicing jumping at dance class. They call it 'jumping over the river' and they have to stand with their arms straight out, or with hands on their hips, and jump over the towel without getting their feet 'wet'. And, as usual, she is staring at herself in the big mirror!

The neighbor horses have been wearing coats, and the kids think it's really funny, so tonight they decided they were horses and needed coats too! They crawled around the house neighing :)

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