Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Journey's 2 year check up

Posting now before I forget, Journey had her 2 year well visit at the pediatrician this morning. She was a grump from the moment I told her we were going to see a doctor, thank you 'terrible twos', and was not her usual cooperative self. She still answered questions and did most of what they asked, but she did it while being very grumpy.

We went over all of the specialists that the geneticist sent us too, most of them sent a copy of the results to the pediatrician too. I'm not sure I've made individual posts about all of them so I'll give you a quick list here:

Early-On evaluation for speech, OT, and PT-didn't qualify for anything at the time
Cardiology-EKG and echocardiogram-both normal
Retro-peritoneal ultrasound (kidneys, bladder, pancreas)-her kidneys are a little bigger than normal but not enough to be concerned
Skeletal survey (x-rays of her entire body)-nothing out of the ordinary other than what is visibly noticeable on the outside (missing fingers)
Audiology-mild hearing loss from the 400 hertz range and up. Wants to do an ear exam under anesthesia.
Chromosomal microarray (blood test to check her genes for extra or missing chromosomes)-nothing out of the ordinary
Ophthalmologist- very near sighted, possibly no sight in her left eye, prescribed glasses. Wants to do an eye exam under anesthesia, and fit her for a bone shaping lens for her left side

And, unrelated to the genetics, we saw another hand doctor who will be doing surgery on April 5th to separate 2 of her fingers even further so it doesn't impede the growth of one of her fingers.

You read that right, that's 3 separate anesthetic procedures they want to do this year. And of course, each one is with a different hospital and they can't practice at the other hospitals, so unless we start over and switch doctors so they are all in the same place, we can't combine them.

Even though Journey didn't qualify for Early On before Christmas, now that we know her speech is delayed partially due to hearing loss, the doctor believes she will now qualify for speech therapy.

She also wants us to go back to the ENT since her narrow nasal passages haven't gotten any better. There was a mention of adenoids possibly needing to come out, we'll see what he says. She's sending us back to the same guy who wants to check out her ears under anesthesia so we are waiting to schedule that until we see what he thinks about her nasal passages.

So, all kinds of fun for miss Journey! She was 34 inches tall, but I didn't catch her weight. She has a pre-op appointment tomorrow so I'll come back and post her weight then. 

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