Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sesame Place Day 3

Our last day of Sesame Place was mostly spent re-riding our favorite rides, then moving over to the water rides.

The girls love Grover's World Twirl

This waterslide was one Jeb could do himself, and he probably did it 8 or 9 times.

Even the girls liked this one. You may have noticed that it is Eric on the roller coasters and waterslides-they are so not my thing. I'm the happy photographer :)

The obligatory cookie in front of the Cookie Monster topiary. The cookies were actually really good, nice and thick and soft, yum!

One more ride on the tea cups before heading out for the day.

This time we did end up splurging on the Elmo plates of chicken nuggets and fries, but the kids shared 2 orders (I'm not paying $25 for 9 chicken nuggets and a handful of fries!) and Eric and I split a $9 salad. The park closed at 6 because it was Sunday, so we attempted to drive to a Subway for sandwiches, but they were already closed, so we ended up at a Target with a grocery store and bought a loaf of bread, a package of nitrate free (Journey friendly) lunch meat, sliced cheese, and grabbed a couple of ketchup and mustard packets from the cafe for under $10.

After eating dinner, we stopped at a gas station to fill up before heading out, and something happened...and the car started beeping again. So, we spent the 9 hour drive home tuning out the beeping, again. We ended up driving straight through since the kids were sleeping so well and Eric and I were doing alright awake. We got home at 7am, put the kids in bed, and napped until 10am. We had bought a new dvd to watch at Sesame Place, and their travel excitement kept them up until almost 11pm, so they still had some sleep left in them, which was great for us!

We had a GREAT time at Sesame Place and I think we're going to go back again next year!
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