Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family Camp

Friends of ours have been inviting us to their church camp for family camp week for a few years now, and it keeps not working out. This year we finally made it work and we had a blast!

Eric ran in the Tough Mudder the day we left, so we got a pretty late start and didn't get to camp until after bedtime.

We had a great week with friends, playing on the beach, hiking, and the best part-free meals that were for the most part real food with fresh fruits and veggies, etc. I had brought a grocery bag full of Journey friendly foods in case it was all canned and pre-made foods, but the cook there was great and doesn't think anyone should eat foods like that. It was a nice surprise!

Jeb spent a lot of time in this water treadmill!

Going on a hike-they thought they might need their little flashlights

Hugs for the best brother after he ran back up the path (lit flashlight in hand) to find the flashlight she dropped.

Exhausted, dirty, and happy on our last day

Vivi practicing some of her afforementioned bravery, jumping off high things. She was also very proud of herself for jumping off the dock and 'swimming' up to shore, just like Jebby was doing.

Our cabin. They were doing some rennovations to the camp and the noise of the tractors and chainsaws bothered Vivi, so she used her headphones a lot.

We also made a mid-week trip even further north, but that's another post full of pictures!
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