Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sesame Place Day 2

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The next morning we woke up early at the hotel and caught the first shuttle to Sesame Place for our character breakfast. It was so much fun, and I definitely recommend doing the character breakfast before actually beginning your trip there, because after we had seen so many favorite characters, we didn't need to wait in line to see them later in the day. We saw Elmo, Cookie, Grover, The Count (Journey yelled "ah ah ah" at him as he walked by and he stopped and clapped for her :), and Abby Cadabby.

Journey was nervous at first but warmed up to everyone, and Jeb was darting around giving all of them hugs as they moved around the room :)

When we were done eating and meeting the characters, it was time to go out and find some rides! The first one they all wanted to go on was the roller coaster! All 3 kids did it, and they all loved it!

The carousel was another favorite. Jeb was tall enough to ride by himself (without an adult next to him) on most of the rides, which was great because the girls were not tall enough for most rides, so for some rides, one of us would go on with one kid, then we'd switch with another. We also did a lot osf splitting up, usually Jeb and Eric would go do the more wild rides like the roller coaster and big water slides, while the girls and I stuck to rides like the teacups.

We got lucky and stumbled upon Bert and Ernie right as they came out, so we didn't have to wait in line to see them

Journey is quite the little thrill seeker, she loved the wild rides!

And when she crashed, she crashed hard. Don't worry, sling-obsessed people, we fixed her head right after this ;)

During the hottest part of the day (it was 90's all weekend), we went into the air conditioned theater to see Elmo's World Live, and got to play on the set after.

We left the park tired, but rather than pay outrageous prices for mediocre food at the park, we took the shuttle back to the hotel and went to a restaurant instead. The kid's meals are $9, and the adult meals are even more! We ended up eating at the cheapest place for lunch, Big Bird's Backyard BBQ, which was a buffet of burgers, hot dogs, baked beans, corn, chips, and pop. The food was only ok, but we got to sit under a pavillion with a nice breeze. We went to TGI Fridays for dinner, where the 5 of us split 2 yummy entrees with vegetables and an appetizer assortment and were stuffed for the same price it would have cost us for a bunch of Elmo plates with chicken nuggets and fries.

Overall, a very successful first day and we couldn't wait for day 2!
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