Friday, July 5, 2013

June Recap

June was so busy, I barely had a spare moment to blog!

Vivi had her dance recital, which she was so nervous about, and spent the entire time on stage crying, but when I went back to pick her up, she was so proud of herself for doing it! It was such a hard decision making her go, but I really wanted her to know that she could, and we've seen a streak of bravery since that day, she has been more likely to try new things and is very proud to tell people about it. She'll even tell Jeb and Journey "It's ok if you're nervous, you can just do it anyway!"

We spent a day at Greenfield Village and I tried to get some nice-ish pictures of the kids. Journey wouldn't stop posing with her hands on her hips, I don't know where she learned that!

Learning some new tricks at the park

Father's Day

We visited my mom at Camp Lael

We are finally able to announce that we are expecting a little girl from Hong Kong and are anxiously awaiting our court date (that is the line we were given and the only personal information we're allowed to share on the internet-I added the anxiously part :)

My sister and I planned a very successful surprise party for our parents' 30th wedding anniversary, they were so surprised!

We drove across the state to see my Florida cousin perform in a color guard competition, but it got rained out. We were soaking wet, but got to see my cousin, so it was still a good day.

We went sour cherry picking in my aunt's yard. We picked tons and tons of cherries, the kids even ate some right off the tree, I thought they were too sour!

And we ended the month with my birthday. Eric asked the kids what my favorite foods are to get for breakfast, and they thought I would love donuts and french fries :) I thought the camera was in the van, but it wasn't, so I don't have pictures of our day at Eastern Market in Detroit, exploring some of the other shops in Detroit, and wandering around the Detroit Institute of Arts. The kid's favorite memory of the day is probably a little shop that had an old fashioned elevator with no doors, so they could see as we went up each floor. After all of that we went to my favorite sushi/Asian food buffet, where the kids ate their weight in the variety of sushi and crablegs. We definitely get our money's worth there since the kids cost so little to eat and they have such adventurous taste. They also tried frog legs and a lot of the sushi had different kinds of roe (fish eggs) on it. Only Journey liked the frog legs, but Jeb loved the roe and kept going back for more sushi with roe on it. We ended the night at home with ice cream sundaes and a few rounds of Go Fish. The perfect birthday!

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