Monday, July 15, 2013

Day trip to Mackinac

While at family camp in northern Michigan, we started talking about doing a day trip when Eric mentioned that we were less than an hour from the Mackinac bridge. That close, we couldn't NOT go! The kids were nervous going over the bridge, "how deep is it?" "Can cars fall?" "What would happen if that fence wasn't there, would we drive off?" "Are there whales in there?" but once we got to the other side they relaxed. We did the obligatory fudge shop visit and the drove into Straits State Park because the kids wanted to dip their toes into Lake Huron. We kept finding great trails to hike to view the bridge, but the water was either impossible to get to or looked iffy.

Finally we found lake access near the campground where the shore was clean and we could dip our toes.

Then off to a U.P. diner for some pasties and we taught the kids to end their sentences with 'eh?'

Then a walk by the marina

Then we went into a couple of cheesy tourist shops, where Jeb saw a picture of the Mackinac bridge all lit up at night and asked if we could drive on the bridge with the lights on. Why not? We checked out a cool Ojibwe Museum, wandered through a few more cheesy gift shops to kill some time, stopped by Saint Anthony's rock:

Then walked around Father Marquette Memorial, which had some very cool things to see, as well as a nice view of the bridge. We did a ton of walking in the UP, and the kids did great! Jeb loved following the trail signs and acted as our guide.

This was the floor of a cool pavillion with stories about Father Marquette.

Journey is always excited to see her name!

And finally, it started to get dark, the lights to the bridge turned on, and we drove back over with happy, sleepy, adventurous kids.

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