Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our annual trip to Frankenmuth

We made the trip up to Frankenmuth, like my family has every year since before I was born. Every year it's the same-Bronners, chicken dinner at Bavarian Inn, the Castle Shoppes below the restaurant, then walk around the town and stop for cheese curds at the Cheese Haus and candy at the Country Store. Usually the guys all take a week day off to go. This year, because Eric is saving his days off for when Jeb comes home, and my brother-in-law Ryan is saving his days off for when their baby comes in March. We went on a Sunday. Oy! It was soo busy, we saw Santa, but then had a hard time shopping for ornaments because the store was literally packed. There were a lot of places you just couldn't move, especially with a double stroller and 2 grabby toddlers who refused to ride in it. We ended up leaving for dinner without buying anything.

Luckily I had thought to get reservations for dinner, so we didn't have to wait at all to get in. We had our usual chicken dinner, and my aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins joined us for the meal. The girls liked when the accordian player came by, but weren't as thrilled when Santa went through and visited with the tables.

Back to Santa, Vivi was very brave, and Journey was very excited until we got close to him! Vivi went up, hopped up on his lap, and asked him for a doll stroller. She listened intently to everything he said, and stroked his beard because Bapa said it might be soft ;) Journey clung to me and wouldn't look at him, but was very excited to pose next to a statue of Santa later on!

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