Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do we look ready?

We are soooo close to getting Jeb home, just waiting on a bunch of people to do their jobs and pass our case on to the next person. BUT, we heard today that our case was cleared by our case officer last Thursday, and it takes a few days for the state department to clear it after her, and then it goes to the embassy. So our case *may* already be in Ethiopia! We are emailing the US embassy in Ethiopia and should hear whether they have it or not sometime between 1am and 9am our time, which means no sleep for me tonight! If all goes quickly (which so far it hasn't in any way at all, but we're still hoping!) we could optimistically have our son HOME in just over a week, maybe 2 w eeks. I know we've said this before, but I'm pretty sure it's true this time :)

With the process dragging, we slowed down our projects in his room, so we are spending the next couple of days finishing them up so we're ready! So, here's a tour of his room so far:

Look at all the boy clothes! Most of this is hand-me-downs from a couple of friends who have boys, and some shopping and mom2mom sales I went to. The left side is 3t and the right is 4, we're not sure what size he is, but I think he'll be well-clothed either way! We don't have as many pants, but want to see what size he is before we do any shopping.

The world's coolest bed/dresser/toy storage, and when the horses are in the front pasture, they can be seen from his window.You can see the blinds propped against the wall, part of the to do list.

His hamper, desk, and Mickey trash can and tissue holder. The desk is a little high, but he'll grow into it, and we wanted a place for him to put his stuff that his little sisters would have a harder time reaching. The 2 shelves leaning against the wall will go above the desk.

Closet-Eric is going to install a lower bar that the current size and season clothes will go on. See the blue bag on the floor? That's his suitcase, stuffed full with clothes in 2 sizes, shoes in 2 sizes, a cute dress outfit for the embassy appointment, and his homecoming shirt.

Those are all Eric projects, and mine are the blank walls! There's a Mickey poster I want to order, a Mickey craft I have planned for a wall hanging, and I want to get those letters to hang over his bed to spell out his name. And a lampshade-Target has a semi-cute Mickey lampshade but it's $20, just for the shade! So I'm going to have to get creative!

I'll post after pictures when we get it all done, and I can't wait to post a picture of Jeb in his room!
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  1. Jeb is going to have to fight with the cats to sleep on his bed!

  2. Exciting. I have to say, that is the world's coolest bed! The Coans

  3. Try the Disney store online. I ordered Mickey & Minnie ornaments for Ava because she loves Mickey... They have sales going on right now :)