Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hanukkah was held for the first time at my uncle's instead of my grandparents', where it has been every year. It didn't feel as weird as I thought it would. The men made the latkes, as usual, while the ladies and children visited and played. After the feast, we lit the menorah, said the prayers, wished everyone a Happy Hanukkah, and went to open gifts. The adults in the family draw names, so everyone gives and receives 2 gifts. The kids, however, get quite spoiled! Once Vivi had a taste of opening a present, she couldn't get enough, and pounced on someone else's present. She was only a little bit interested in the gifts, she just wanted to rip off all the paper! They got some good toys, I think the favorites from that day so far are the Melissa and Doug felt sandwich set, Journey's shopping cart, and Vivi's new doll, whom she named Annika. You'll notice there aren't many good pictures of Vivi, she was kind of a maniac that day.

Here you see the men cooking, and Journey getting her first bite of latke!

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