Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

Oh, the holidays! So busy and gone so fast! This was a fun year because it was Journey's 'first' Hanukkah and Christmas, and Vivi is old enough now to understand the holidays a little more.

We made the decision to postpone our immediate family Christmas until Jebriel gets home, it just didn't seem right to leave all of his presents in the closet while the girls got theirs. Between that and all the separate family celebrations, the girls are going to think Christmas goes on forever!

We were going to ask Santa to come late too, but he decided to bring one little thing for each girl. This may have partially been parental guilt over Eric slamming Vivi's finger in the door on Christmas Eve...but we also wanted Vivi to have the gift she had asked Santa for before she forgot about it (or decided she wanted something else!).

Santa knew they wouldn't want to share one stroller, so he brought 2 :)

He also did a partial stocking fill, we'll call it a practice run ;)

Why am I reaching in this giant sock while everyone watches?

And again, Vivi really just wants all the wrapping paper. The oufit choice was hers too :)
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