Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

We have had a week's worth of Halloween festivities already, and still more to come!

We had a party with one of our play groups where the kids wore costumes and everyone brought a Halloween themed snack for a pot luck lunch. I brought these cheese fingers-string cheese with little wedges cut out to look like fingers. The nails are orange bell pepper. There are some seriously gross looking Halloween snacks out there if you google. Lots of fun ideas for bigger kids!

Then we did Kroger's trick or treat event. They have stations around the store and employees dress up and hand out candy or Kroger brand cookies and milk. In the bakery they had a station for decorating cookies. Some of the booths had little games like tossing rings around Kroger brand pop bottles. It's cute, free, and indoors!

Our church had a Halloween party with games and crafts and snacks, and Vivi was excited because one of her little friends from the nursery was also a zebra!

We went to the Zoo Boo with Eric's mom and grandma last night. It was chilly but the rain held off and the girls had fun. Vivi was SO excited! All day she kept asking to go to the Zoo Boo, and she was all into the pumpkin displays that looked like the different animal exhibits. The girls wore fleece footy pajamas under their costumes, and then coats over. We had a fun time when Vivi said she had to go potty, trying to undress her really fast! Luckily we thought to bring the little bucket potty in the bottom of the stroller so we didn't have to book it to the closest restroom and then try to undress her! She went and stayed dry the whole night!

Yesterday we had my parents and grandparents over for brunch, which wasn't Halloween related but it was delicious-bagels and lox and all the toppings! It was our first time hosting someone at the new house besides my parents. It was mostly successful, except that Journey had a major diaper blow out and then 5 minutes later Vivi had her first accident at home (the only other one was at the church party, she was having too much fun to stop). It was a good thing my parents were there to entertain while Eric and I cleaned up all kinds of messes!

My parents came back over for dinner and pumpkin carving. Vivi was upset at first when Eric pulled a knife on her pumpkin. She said "oh no daddy, my pumpkin!" and looked all concerned while he was sawing into it. But once she saw that she could take the lid on and off by herself and play in the guts she was ok. We gave her options for the pumpkins features, we let her pick the shape and the number of eyes, nose, and mouth. She picked one triangle eye, 3 square noses, and a smiley mouth. She fed the scraps to the pumpkin through his mouth, then brought the thermometer out to take his temperature! When Eric lit the candle inside, she sang happy birthday and blew it out :)

Journey wasn't thrilled about the guts at first, she is wary of new and different textures, but she eventually got into the fun too. I think her favorite part was using her spoon to try scooping the seeds out. Eric cut a cross into his pumpkin.

It was a fun, relaxing evening-we ate pizza, made cookies, listened to Halloween music, and spent a couple of hours playing with the pumpkins, and roasted the seeds. Then the girls put on their Halloween pajamas. In our new house :)

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