Saturday, October 29, 2011

The swing of things

We seem to have a solid schedule in the new house-as solid as we get in our flexible world. Poor Journey is doing a lot better and seems to know her way around the house now-with her poor vision sometimes she would wander in the wrong direction and get lost and upset :( She still has her moments when she is following someone around the house and that person moves too fast that she can't keep up. She has also figured out the 2 steps on and off the landing and hasn't fallen in weeks-her depth perception is poor, I think because her eyes have differing sight. It can really stress a mother out when she just walks right off the edge of things!

Her follow up blood work to check her levels after taking 2 months of her thyroid medication came back normal, so she will continue to take that same dose. I was crushing it on a spoon and then filling the spoon with water, like the directions said, but she stopped taking it that way, so I had to get creative. After a couple of failed plans, we now give her a cup of water with a straw, bend the top of the straw down, stick the pill inside, and unbend the straw when she starts sucking on it. Most of the time it works fine and she doesn't even realize she is taking a pill. Once in awhile she'll catch me putting it in the straw and either refuse to drink it or take a small sip and spit the pill out, or the worst one, she'll blow into the straw instead of sucking, so the pill goes into the water. It dissolves, and you have to take it right away, it can't sit in the water.

Journey has also been artificial dye and nitrate free for over a month and she hasn't thrown up since we became more diligent. That's reason enough for me to keep it going, even though Halloween especially has been tough because EVERYTHING is colored! We get to try again when she turns 2 and hopefully she'll have outgrown it. For now, she doesn't quite understand what she's missing.

Vivi has gotten the hang of dance class, last week she was the most cooperative kid in the class. Not that that says much, it is a class of 2 year olds! I still have to sit inside the room with her (as opposed to standing in the hallway and watching through a window) but she participates and talks and sings the songs and really enjoys it.

We finally got our recycling bin and got to enjoy putting our recyclables out by the street and someone else came to get them! Our condo complex didn't recycle, so we had to collect it in the house, load it in the car, and drive 10 minutes to the recycling center. Such a pain! For trash, Eric would take the bag when it was full, balance it on the trunk of his car, and drive really slowly to the dumpsters at the front of the sub. Now we take the bag out to the garage and put it in the can, and then drag it out once a week. And by we, I mean Eric ;)

And of course, now that we are in the swing of things, it's time for something to happen to change it all up. As long as that something is Jebriel, I'll be ok with it :) He has had a couple more delays, but hopefully the final interview they have to do will take place this Monday, and we will be cleared right after that. If we get cleared on Monday or Tuesday, Eric could travel as soon as the following week. Please pray that things go smoothly from now on so he can just come home already!

To clarify, or re-clarify on Jeb's name, it is pronounced like Gabriel, but with Jeb in front instead of Gabe. Jebriel (and it's other various spellings) is the Arabic form of Gabriel, which means 'strong man of God'. We call him Jebriel or Jeb and Vivi lovingly calls him Jebby :)

I'll end with a picture of the girls in their costumes! Vivi is a zebra and Journey is a cheetah. They love their costumes and are enjoying the Halloween festivities we have been to so far!

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