Saturday, October 1, 2011

Officially moving!

We passed our inspection for our occupancy permit last week and have been moving our actual every day stuff. We still haven't had our FHA inspection, and our contractor has a few things left to do before we can pass, but we haven't seen or heard from him in awhile. We're not sure why he isn't in a hurry to get rid of us and collect his big check, but we aren't going to worry about that anymore, he can not show up all he wants because we are moving in!

 We moved the dining room table and started eating dinner there every night, most of my kitchen stuff is there now. It's amazing how much you take for granted in a fully stocked kitchen! Every day I pack what I need for dinner, and every time we get to the new house and I start preparing, I realize that I have forgotten something. So far this week I have forgotten a can opener, oven mitts, foil, measuring cups, and a spatula. Things that at home are right in my reach but I don't even think about them until I'm cooking and need them.

Every night when we come back to the apartment, Vivi looks at the empty space where the table used to be and says "oh no, Vivi's table! I don't know where it went!" The move has been confusing for her, and she is started to get frustrated when she wants a specific toy and it got left at the wrong house.

This is the big move weekend, our bed will go either tonight or tomorrow and we will officially live at the new house! We have (through some sort of mistake) through the end of October instead of the end of September, so we don't HAVE to be completely moved but we want the every day stuff to be there so we can get settled in before Jebriel comes home. This weekend we are moving the rest of the every day stuff like our pantry, clothes, and furniture, and then the next week or 2 we will just take car loads of the rest of it, and then the last couple of weeks that we have the apartment will be spent cleaning and repairing. White carpet in the dining room is a terrible idea with toddlers, they will probably need to re-carpet that room. Then there's crayon and marker to scrub off the walls and retouching the corner where one of our cats likes to scratch.

We bought a cool bed for Jebriel from a family friend and they just delivered it and helped set it up. It is kind of a loft bed, with drawers and shelves underneath. Since Jeb's room is kind of small we didn't want to fill it with furniture. This bed is big and takes up one whole wall, but he won't need a dresser to take up another wall. We had already bought his sheets and pillow so we made his bed. Vivi's new big girl bed is set up in her room with sheets on it too. We hung her bedroom art in her room to make it more homey.

Not a whole lot else is going on right now, I spend the day playing with the girls and packing boxes, then we spend the evenings at the new house unpacking boxes and finding new homes for our things, and doing other chores like painting. I can't wait to be all unpacked and living there!

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