Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Thanksgiving Craft

We're at that funny time of year where Halloween just ended and the stores are trying to make us think that it's already Christmas, and the weather can't decide if it's fall or winter. While I do love Christmas and may or may not be guilty of listening to the Christmas songs that are already on 2 radio stations, I also love Thanksgiving! Food, turkeys, cinnamon, family, ahh :)

I helped the girls make a Thanksgiving craft this morning, and shockingly have found the time to post it right away! I got the idea from this site  but modified it so it would be a little more 'hands on' (haha!) for the girls who can't trace or cut yet. I let them color on 2 sheets of paper with fall colors, then I traced their hands on them and cut them out. I was saying what I was doing as I was doing it, and when I got to 'cut the hands out', Vivi clasped her hands and said "mommy, no cut my hand out!!!". Woops, I guess I wasn't explaining it well enough!

After realizing how small their hands were, instead of using one toilet paper roll for each of them, we had a newly finished paper towel roll and I just measured each one out based on their hand print size. And now we have a Vivi sized turkey and  a Journey sized turkey.

On another note, I did Vivi first and Journey watched, and she insisted on using her right hand, which is the one that is missing 2 fingers. I traced it and would have used it anyway, but then she switched and wanted me to do her left hand instead. It made me think about all the hand print crafts out there and how I don't want to insist she only use her full hand, but I also hope she doesn't feel bad about it as she gets older. She isn't really slowed down by her missing fingers, but a hand print craft is a pretty visual reminder that she's different.

And speaking of different, this is what my strong willed little girl chose to wear today: 

A bathing suit, sweater, and socks of course. She has a big thing for socks and shoes :)

As you can see we still have some boxes up in the main part of the house. We're still working on organization and getting shelving put in and seeing how everything works. Hopefully soon we'll be box free and feel officially moved in!

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