Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy September!

It's come down to this...September may just be our craziest month yet. The house is slowly getting done...slowly...but getting there. Through some sort of miracle, our lease goes through the end of October, not the end of September like we thought, so that at least buy us some more time to get completely moved. However, Jebriel could come home as soon as the 4th week of September and we don't want to move him twice, so we are still feeling a little rushed.

We've been doing a lot of painting, the girls' room is lavender, and Jeb's room is a light blue. The kitchen is a lovely shade of copper, which I think goes nicely with the warm cherry cabinets we picked. The doors will go on after the countertops, which supposedly should be going in this week...

I was going to do some painting in Jebriel's room and had just put a fresh white roller on the handle, but I had a question for Eric so I went into the other room where he was playing with the girls. Vivi looked up at the roller, her whole face lit up, and she said "I like to try that marshmallow!" She had such excitement in her voice, I felt bad telling her it wasn't a marshmallow :)

We ended up changing our minds about the bedrooms-we were going to give the girls the master bedroom and use it for toy storage too, but they have a tendency to get into things and it interferes with nap time, so we are going to do a more Montessori style bedroom instead. They are getting the small room, and it will just have their beds, a small bookshelf, a mirror, and hooks to hang a couple of different outfits for them to choose from. They can bring toys in to play during the day but at nap and bed time there will only be books and the couple of stuffed animals they like to sleep with. We'll see how that goes :)

The countdown for Journey's hand surgery is on, she has 10 more days of fused fingers, then she'll have 2 weeks in big casts. After that I don't know if she'll still have small casts for awhile or not, but she should have 10 working fingers by Thanksgiving for sure :) A lot of people have asked, so I'll get pictures of her hands and try to explain the procedure as best I can.

Vivi's excitement for the month is that she starts dance class. She has her leotards, tights, and shoes, and has been asking constantly when she will go to dance class. She can't wait to be a 'bawa yeena' :)

And other than that, we're pretty much packing boxes, moving boxes, and doing painting, cleaning, and other little chores at the new house. Everyone knows us at Home Depot because we are there multiple times a week getting paint, lighting, etc. We are SO looking forward to the day that Eric can come home from work and we can eat a relaxing dinner without rushing off to the new house or Home Depot right after dinner every. Single. Day.

So, bring it on September! We're ready for you!

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