Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moving along...

I've been having trouble coming up with titles that sum up the blog post. Maybe it's because I tend to ramble? Anyway...

This morning Eric and I got up early, then I woke Journey up to give her her medication. She can't eat for 2 hours before, or for 45 minutes after, so I try to wake her up early to get it out of the way. To distract her, I've been letting her watch PBS while we wait out the 45 minutes since she always wakes up so hungry. Vivi isn't much of a breakfast person usually, but just in case, I usually let her sleep in a little longer. So far she's doing alright on the medication, it seemed to give her tummy troubles for the first few days but I think it is clearing up.

Eric made our copy cat recipe for Tim Horton's iced cappuccinos using dark chocolate syrup, yum! And after breakfast we headed out to Vivi's new dance school for their open house and to get her registered. It is a little bit of a drive, but a friend of mine told me about this school, and we think it is worth the drive. It is a Christian dance school that doesn't use skimpy recital costumes or teach 'sexy' moves, for any age group. They also only use music that has positive moral messages. The focus is more on the beauty and art of dance, and they teach that dancers send messages with their moves and teach them to choose their moves wisely. Isn't that awesome? I'm pretty excited about it. We got to meet some of the teachers and explore the school. Vivi's teacher, Miss Jessica, wasn't there at the time, but they showed us the room her class will meet in (and it's even purple!) and let her run around in the room. She danced in front of the big mirror and got to make herself comfortable with the building. Everyone was really nice. The whole drive home Vivi kept saying "I go to dance class. In a purple room. Miss Jessica! I be a ballerina!"And was soo excited to tell Nana and Bapa all about it.

We left Eric at the new house to work on painting and I took the girls home for lunch and naps. Then we went to the kid's consignment store to look for dance attire. I found a few different leotards in her size, and she picked one, and then we also picked a long sleeved one for winter. They didn't have shoes in her size but we did get tights. I had her try the leotards on before buying them, and she didn't want to take them off! We are going shoe shopping tomorrow, and I'll get a picture for the blog.

So far she's very excited about dance class. I hope she's as excited when it actually happens, although I'm expecting her to be shy for the first week or two. She really needs a bit of time to warm up, but after that she's a social butterfly :)

Eric painted the trim in the kitchen, and primed in some other rooms until he ran out of primer. The roofers were there in the morning trying to finish before the rain. I didn't go until it was pouring so I didn't look to see if it was finished, but our contractor said he wasn't feeling well today so he took the day off. I know I've said this a million times now, but this week really should bring a lot of progress with the house! I can't promise it because, well, you know our contractor, but things are slowly getting checked off the list and it's getting down to the fun stuff that will make the inside of the house look like a house!

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