Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week in a nutshell

We have been busy! 3 toddlers within 10 months of each other who can't feed or dress or bathe themselves can sometimes be way harder than 2. Especially when they're all having a tantrum at the same time. In the middle of Home Depot. While everyone stares (and one guy even bursts out laughing before walking away, glad that he wasn't coming home with us).

Last night we had to go to Home Depot (where we spend a lot of our evenings lately) to pick out a new flooring. The flooring we had originally picked is a special order, so we could wait a week for it to go in, but he can't put the cabinets in until the flooring is in, and everything just gets held up, so we decided to try to find one they had in stock. We gave the girls granola bars, and they were happy and quiet. Until the granola bars were gone. It was almost bedtime and when one kid gets started, the other two find it easier to jump in.

That isn't the norm, most of the time all 3 girls are great. I actually took them grocery shopping by myself yesterday morning and they were perfect. Amira and Journey sat in the cart, while Vivi pushed a mini cart and followed behind. She told everyone we passed "I pushing a yittle cart. Vivi do it!"

Tomorrow is yet another move in day. Another promise broken. At least this time we weren't surprised...
However things ARE starting to move finally! The back room has been mostly rebuilt-it has walls and a ceiling and the shingles have been delivered. Most of the windows in the house have been replaced, most of the drywall is in, and the cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom have been delivered. Our guy was supposed to pick up our flooring today, yay!

We also started painting. My Uncle Chris has primed most of the house, and yesterday Eric started painting the kitchen/dining room. It's a bold color, I think it will look nice and warm and cozy and achieve the 'feel' I was going for. I hope. We won't know until the flooring and cabinets are in, but I think it will be nice.

Tomorrow morning we are going to an open house for the dance school Vivi will attend in the fall. I'm pretty excited, and Vivi is very excited to be a ballerina, or as she says it, "bawa-yina":) Then, more house stuff. Priming, painting, packing, moving, I'm sure we'll make at least one trip to Home Depot. We have to pick lighting for every room that won't have a ceiling fan with a light. Did I mention the employees all know us, and we know a lot of their names? I almost feel like we should invite them to the housewarming party ;)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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