Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mixed emotions

This week has been busy, this weekend will be crazy, and next week will be full of doctor's appointments!

This week, most of our free time has been spent with our nieces. Their military family is being transferred from Ohio (3.5 hour drive) to Idaho (30 hour drive). Eric's sister and her husband spent the week driving their cars and a moving van across the country, while their girls stayed with Eric's parents. With the distance, we are going to go from seeing them 5 or 6 times a year to hopefully once a year. We're hoping to try to get out there once a year too, but plane tickets for 5 are expensive! I'm sad because I'll miss them, they're great girls, but I'm even more sad for Vivi, who talks about her cousins every single day and loves being with them, no matter what they are doing. So, this week we all soaked up as much time with them as we could. In the morning we'll go over to say goodbye before they get on a plane to fly to their new home in Idaho :(

Softening the blow of saying goodbye to our nieces is that we'll be saying goodbye to them on our way to Ohio to meet up with a bunch of ladies from across the country for the weekend. We met in an online adoption group and eventually a group of us left the main group and started a private facebook group where we could share more and everything would stay private. Over the years, different members of the group have met up, and a couple of years ago was our first Adoption Palooza. I had just joined the group so I did not attend. The economy and people's busy schedules have prevented another palooza from happening until this year. And lucky for me, Ohio is drivable, so we are going! Of the people attending, I've only met 1 other person. The other 2 people I've met from the group have other things going on and can't make it :(. I'm so excited!

And it's a good thing it is in Ohio because my best friend Sam's wedding shower is Saturday night. Palooza was planned first, and I said that nothing would stop me from going, but when I found out that her shower was the same day, I almost cancelled palooza. I wouldn't miss her shower for anything! Eric knew how much I wanted to do both things, and suggested driving up on Saturday during the girls' nap, then I can go to the shower and we can drive back down at bedtime. At first I thought he was crazy, but we're going to try it. Of course if it doesn't work out to go back to Ohio, it's ok, I'll still have gotten a whole day of fun with my adoption friends, and an evening of celebrating my best friend.

With such a crazy weekend, I know it's just going to fly by, but I'm also okay with that because it gets us to Tuesday and Wednesday of next week faster.

We got a phone call from the pediatrician that they got the results of her blood work and wanted us to come in and talk about it. They said it's nothing dire, just something not quite right and it needs to be discussed. Then they said they couldn't get us in for over a week. My curiosity got the best of me and my hero of a husband called the hospital and had them fax him the report. I sent it to a nurse friend, who showed it to a doctor, and my dad sent it to a friend of his who is a doctor. There are a couple of things to monitor, and she'll need more blood work to retest, but we're not expecting anything too alarming. It is also an opportunity to show the pediatrician why we think Journey needs a genetic work up (she has a few markers that suggest she has a genetic syndrome-this was something we were aware of before accepting her referral). I'd like that done sooner than later, just so we know. We do that on Tuesday.

Then Wednesday is Journey's eye procedure. So far I'm not feeling nervous. We knew when we accepted her referral that she would need hand surgery, so I've had plenty of time to prepare myself. This eye thing is a very short, simple procedure. I figure if I can leave her in an orphanage on the other side of the world for 2 months (one of the hardest things I've ever done!), I can entrust her to the very capable hands of the doctors and nurses at Childrens'. We shall see...

Have a great weekend!

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