Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Bento, the Japanese art of adorable lunch boxes, is such a fun way to fit in all kinds of healthy foods. I've been doing them for awhile, but usually they aren't as cute because I've had to cut everything into tiny pieces. I use silicone cupcake liners to separate food sometimes and have found ways of packing a lot of food into a little space in an attractive way. But last night I decided to venture out into the real world of bento. We are going to the zoo with Eric's family today, our nieces are here for the week while their parents move to Idaho :(

So, here are our zoo themed bentos. Journey's is a monkey with a bread face, peanut butter and prune features, and a babybel cheese for the ears. Strawberries, black beans, and frozen peas to help keep everything cold on the bottom layer.

Jenavieve's is a hippo in the grass. It's her favorite animal at the zoo :) Babybel hippo, almond eyes and nose, green pepper grass, then almonds, cucumbers, strawberries and a baby plum, and frozen peas to keep it all cold. I hope it looks as cute at lunch time!
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