Monday, September 26, 2011

Move in week

Or not. Who really knows anymore? BUT supposedly we have the last inspections this week that should not only get us our occupancy permit, but should get the fha people and our awful contractor out of our lives forever!

There are just a few tiny things left to be done by the contractor...almost as many as were left a week and a half ago...but that is to be expected. The kitchen/dining room, hallway, Jeb's bedroom, and the girls' bedroom are all painted and we are starting to really move things in. There's a 'big girl' bed in the purple room for Vivi, and Journey will have a crib mattress on the floor until she stops rolling around so much and falling off the bed :)

Eric just traded his car for his brother's truck for a couple of weeks, so we were able to move 3 shelves in the truck and a bunch of boxes in the suv today. This week, whether we get the okay to move in or not, is moving week. Our lease is almost up, we are READY to stop living in limbo, and we need to be settled in the house before Jeb comes home.

Today marks 7 weeks since passing court. They say it's about a 6 week wait from passing court to being cleared for embassy. Of course, because it is adoption, there is no definite time, sometimes it is shorter, sometimes much longer. Journey's process was very quick; she passed court on April 26th, we got our embassy clearance email on May 27th, Eric got on the plane on June 4th, and Journey was home on June 9th. Clearly, Jeb's case is different, but we're still hopeful that he'll be home before the end of October.

This year has been an excellent teacher in patience for us!

I also got to go today with my best friend Sam for her final wedding dress fitting. Her future mother in law and I learned how to lace up the back of the dress and do the bustle on the big day. I'm so excited for her!

Here are a few pictures of the house, I realized I haven't posted any in awhile:

The back room, recently rebuilt. The tile goes between the side entry and the back sliding door, and there will be a wood burning stove in the corner.

Jebriel's room!

My pride and joy...if he would just put my double oven in!

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