Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 days and counting...

Journey's big surgery is on Monday. It's funny, we knew when we accepted her referral way back in November that she would need surgery. It was something we've known for so long, we didn't really think much about it. We were thinking for months about getting her home and getting her help and for her to finally have separated, individual fingers. I was excited to have a surgery date and to start the count down. Now that the countdown is almost over, I've started thinking about other things, like recovery. Things that never occurred to me, even though they were sort of obvious. We learned at her pre-op appointment that she would have casts on both arms going up past her elbows. I had thought about how that would annoy her, having her hands and arms immobilized. She's so independent. I had thought about how she would need help eating and that bathing her would be a 2 person job because she loves to splash. I really wanted her to start walking before the surgery, (which she is, like a pro :) so she could be mobile even with the casts.

Now I'm starting to plan my week, and realizing that she probably won't fit into any of her clothes. Besides toddler shirt sleeves tending to be kind of tight, and she is a little chubby to begin with, she will have casts up past her elbows. Trying to get 2 casted arms into a shirt is probably not going to be easy. Not that I'll really want to take her out of the house much, I'll look like the mom of the year with a baby with 2 casted arms!

The nurses and other medical staff I have spoken with have been very gentle with me, making sure I don't have any unanswered questions and assuring me that it will be ok. And maybe it's just because I knew she would have this surgery before I knew she would be my daughter (which was really only a split second ;) but I'm not really nervous about this. I know surgery always has risks, and the recovery won't be easy on her (or on me!) but I know it will be ok. She is amazing and overcomes every obstacle with flying colors and a great attitude and I know she'll do great with this.

My new countdown is about 2 1/2 weeks from now, when we go to her post op appointment and get to see her fingers all separated and working!

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