Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Miss mischief

The house has gotten dry, as it usually does in winter, so we pulled out our humidifier for the bedroom. It is a jug of water with a tube that the vapor goes up, and a removable cap so you can point it where you want it to go. So far in the week since it has been out:

-we couldn't find Vivi's pacifiers at naptime-they were in the tube, with the cap back on!

-Vivi had been playing in the bedroom when I heard her yell "help!". I ran into the bedroom to find that she had taken the cap out and tried to climb in (!!) and got her foot stuck inside the jug.

-where's my deodorant? In the tube!

-why isn't the vapor coming out? Vivi stuck a crayon in there, put the deodorant on top of it, and it got pushed into the mechanism that vaporizes the water, where it melted and jammed it up, and then after Eric scraped it all out, the vapor smelled like melted crayon.


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