Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on Baby Girl!

I don't know how often they do check ups on the kids, but we've gotten a couple of emails from the agency either with a picture or a brief blurb or a medical form. We got one today about Baby Girl. She has gained more weight, now weighing 20.28 lbs.

The medical line says "she is a healthy baby and doing fine"

And under observations:
-She can sit balanced using hands for support
-She turns toward the direction of objects and sounds and rolls from back to front
-She feeds well and sleeps a lot
-She is happy and playful

She is doing very very well considering where she is. For babies in an orphanage, it is common for them to be late to sit on their own, crawl, and walk, because they don't get as much opportunity or one-on-one help as a baby in a family would.


  1. I forget ... how old is Baby Girl? Sounds like a good update though! Im so excited for you guys!!!

  2. She will be a year old in about a week and a half :)