Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clothing for 3

Check it out! The other night, we bought a shirt for each of our kids. The Michigan shirt (which we did not buy for the team, only because it says Michigan on it) and the Little Sister shirt will be sent in the 'welcome bags' to Ethiopia.

Our agency allows us to make a welcome bag that they give to the children to tell them that they have a family waiting for them. We were asked to include a t-shirt, a photo album, and a couple of small toys, all in a gallon sized zip loc bag. They take a picture of them in their new shirt to send back to us (which is why we got a Big Sister shirt for Jenavieve...and because it's exciting ;)

For Little Boy, we are sending a photo album with captions, showing him pictures of our family, our house, and things we do. We're also sending a couple of matchbox cars (maybe he'll put them in the pockets he loves so much!) and some Mickey Mouse themed silly bands (bandz? Whatever those crazy fad bracelets are, they are supposed to be a hit in the orphanages too!) We are doing a Mickey themed room for him so I thought that would be fitting.

For Baby Girl, we are sending a cloth photo album with crinkle pages and a handle with beads on it. It only holds 4 pictures but she's young and I think she'll appreciate the tactile stimulation more than a ton of pictures. I am hoping to find time this week to go through Vivi's old toys and find a good one to send that will keep her hands and brain busy.

Just another step closer! It will be so cool to see them wearing the shirts that we hand picked for them. I think it might make it seem that much more real.

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