Saturday, March 19, 2011

Vivi's first time bowling!

Our local adoption group has monthly outings, and this month, we went to a bowling alley! They separated the group by age, so we had all the 2 year olds at our lane and the lane next to us. They have cool ramps now for little kids so the ball actually rolls all the way down to the pins. I remember when I was little we used to have to get someone to run down and push a stopped ball on multiple occasions.

The little ones thought it was cool the first few times, then the novelty wore off. Jenavieve bowled maybe 5 frames. She didn't quite get the concept of rolling the ball away and then getting it from the ball return. I turned away from her for a second and she took off running down the lane toward the pins, trying to get her ball back! I just had my street shoes on so I was trying to keep my balance and go as fast as I could to catch her, but eventually she slipped and I was able to grab her. She made it more than half way down though. We all had a good laugh, and Eric and I both kept a much closer eye on her when she went up to bowl-which of course, she insisted on doing by herself. We could get the ball set up on the ramp, and then she would say "ova der, ova der" to send us back to our seats.

Of course Tiana (the doll that she never lets go of) went bowling too!

Look at those cute little bowling shoes!

Being goofy with her friends Liliana and Carlie. Vivi and Liliana have the same birthday, and really understood each other. They had a blast running around and mimicking each other.
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