Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby J!

Baby Girl's birthday was listed on one of her medical forms as March 12th. We were visiting family in Ohio on that day, so Vivi and I made a cake on Monday to celebrate.

This is what she did while I was writing on the cake...she kept sticking her fingers in it so I turned away and put the cake on the counter to do the writing. When I turned around, she had a very innocent look on her chocolate covered face!

Vivi blowing out her little sister's candle. (Strain all you want, I jumbled the name, hehehe ;)

Yum! Hopefully next year we'll have a picture of Baby Girl blowing out her own candle :)

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  1. LOVE this post so much! How adorable. What is it about kids and frosting that always makes me smile.