Friday, January 1, 2010

Vivi's first movie

We went to see The Princess and the Frog today in the theater. We wanted to take Jenavieve so we could tell her that she saw the first black Disney princess movie in the theater, but obviously didn't want to take her at a crowded time just in case she didn't do well. The only time we let her watch tv is the 10 or 15 minutes I spend doing her hair a couple of times a week, and even then she only spends a total of 5 minutes actually looking at the tv, so we weren't expecting much.

We decided that a morning showing would be best, and that a lot of parents wouldn't want to take their kids to a morning movie on new year's day. We were right, there were 2 other families there, both with kids under 5. We sat in the handicap section where there was a big space of floor in front of us. She sat on the floor and watched for awhile, then got tired and Eric bounced her off to the side until she fell asleep. When she woke up she pretty much watched until the end. She got a little fussy sitting in the seats so she and Eric stood on the side to watch the last 15 minutes.

We really enjoyed the movie, the music was really good and it's nice to see a princess who works hard to get what she wants instead of dancing through the woods with squirrels singing about how true love would find her. Princess Tiana made her own happily ever after :)

Watching from the floor


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