Thursday, January 14, 2010

Macy's 2nd Monday January

I took Vivi, Kaylee and her friend Clara to The Henry Ford for their Macy's 2nd Monday event. Last month I took Vivi and Kaylee for the first time and we had fun. It's really cool, they have stations set up for crafts, and they opened up one of the old trains for story time, and there are lots of adult volunteers around to talk to the kids. The December one was super busy, probably because Santa was there, but this time it was pretty empty so they had plenty of room to run around. We were walking toward the cafe for lunch when we started seeing a bunch of kids coming in the door carrying Mickey Mouse dolls. I asked someone what was going on and she said they had a limited number of them at the door for people that participated in the Macy's 2nd Monday event. We were right there so we headed out and all 3 girls got a Mickey. It says Maycy's Holiday 2009, so they must have been leftovers. They also had a Mickey alarm clock attached to them, so it was a pretty good freebie. What they didn't think about was how the moms were supposed to heft a pile of Mickeys around :) It seems like the stroller is never big enough...

They all had a great time and asked if they could come back on Wednesday. I can't wait to go back next month!

Listening to stories on the train

Posing with their Mickeys

Playing school in the old school room

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