Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Playdates and first tooth

Jenavieve and I have been spending our free time being social. We joined a couple of play groups and we're having a lot of fun. Whenever Jenavieve sees a baby now, she wants to play with it because that's what she's used to doing at play group. One of the groups is for moms of younger kids in Novi and the surrounding areas, and the other one is called the June Bug Babies, for first time stay at home moms (and dad) with babies born in the summer. The Novi group mostly does things for older kids but they had their first baby play date in December and it was really fun. The babies ranged from 4 months to a year and it was cool to see all the different stages. One baby was crawling and 2 were walking, and a couple had teeth. The first picture below is of Jenavieve and her friend Cameron, who was born the day after her. They enjoyed looking at each other, and Jenavieve likes touching other babies' faces and hair.

The June Bug Babies members are a bit more spread out. So far we've driven to Sterling Heights and Troy, so it is a drive, but I have more in common with them because they all stay at home and a lot of the Novi moms work. The 2nd picture below is Jenavieve and Ethan, who was born the day before her. It is pretty cool to meet other babies that are so close in age to her.

And, big news, Jenavieve didn't sleep very well Sunday night. In fact, none of us slept very well. She woke up very stuffy and angry and felt a little warm, so I thought she was getting a cold and called in to work to have them get someone else to watch Kaylee. After aspirating a ton of gunk from her nose and wondering why she was still awake and crying 2 1/2 hours after waking up, I offered her a pacifier and she pursed her lips together and turned away. I got suspicious and stuck my finger in her mouth, and sure enough, there was a poky little tooth sticking out! Once I knew what was wrong I got out the Hyland's Teething Tablets we had bought for this very occasion, and within 5 minutes of eating 2 of them she was asleep. She was pretty cranky all day Monday but was feeling much better this morning, so we were able to go to our play date at Charlie's house, and back to work tomorrow. We haven't been since before Christmas, Jenavieve will be excited to see Kaylee!
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