Saturday, December 19, 2009

This week

This week has been the calm before the storm, gearing up for all of the holiday craziness. On Tuesday we went to my grandparents' temple for a Hanukkah lunch and Klezmer band. It was really fun! Vivi had her first challah and matzoh ball soup, she liked both, and she really enjoyed the music! There was a group of high school girls that came to see the band and they were clapping along to all the songs. Vivi kept looking back and forth between the shiny instruments and the kids clapping. She loved it! She was the only baby there so she got a lot of attention. My grandpa also showed us the braille bindery where he volunteers; that was really cool! They have people that type in books and they have a program that translates it into the braille dots, and a special machine that makes the bumps on the paper. Then they have to bind the paper together and send it out to people. They don't charge for the books, it's all a charity thing run by volunteers.

I am now done working until January, so we have lots of time for family and have a couple of play groups scheduled. Starting in January our library is doing some fun things for Vivi's age too, so we'll have lots of outings. We're also signing her up for a parent/child swim class that starts at the end of January, we found a bathing suit on clearance at Babies R Us last night for $3.70! Score!

Last night Jenavieve and I went to the library to hang out and get some new books. Our library is awesome, it has a lot of stuff for all ages. Vivi loves the instrument section; they have a soundproof room with all kinds of instruments to bang on.

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