Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Church this week

There is a family at church that I know you've all heard us talk about. They have 4 great kids that we just love. This past Sunday was my day in the nursery, so Vivi got to hang out with the youngest 2 boys. Joey will be 6 in January, and is an excellent reader. He checked a book out of the church library called The Stable that Bob Built (It's a veggie tales book that is very cute!) and decided that he was going to read it to all the babies. He is the oldest in the nursery, the other kids are 2, 18 months, and Vivi. The 2 little boys were sitting at the table eating their snack, so Joey had a captive audience. He started reading each page, and then showing the boys the pictures before turning the page. After a few pages, Vivi wanted to get down so I put her in a chair at the table. When Joe noticed her, he paused the book and went back to the beginning to show her each page. After their snack was done, the 2 little boys got up to go play, but Joey kept on reading, and at the end of each page, he would get up, go find both boys, and try to make them look at the picture. Then he would go back to the table, turn the page, and do it all again. It was so sweet!

That same day, Eric, Joe, and Joe's dad were all wearing blue shirts and sweater vests, so we had to get a picture!
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