Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bad blogger

I've been a very bad blogger, we've gotten busy with all the holiday goings on...

Vivi's first Thanksgiving(s) were great. She was cheerful, and socialized with everyone, and ate her food along with everyone else-we took apples and pumpkins to all 3 Thanksgivings.

At Aunt Karen's, we were cheerleaders for the annual football game until dinner was ready. Then we all said what we were thankful for (when they asked Vivi what she was thankful for, she gave me a hug-that made my day a little bit). Then we ate lots of yummy food. Aunt Karen put some potatoes aside for Vivi, so I mashed them up and gave her a bite, and she cried and pushed it out with her tongue. That is the only food she has done that with.

From there, we went to my parents' house to change clothes and get some coffee before packing up and heading out to the Howell outlet mall for their Midnight Madness. We had never done it before, and since Vivi is a night owl, we thought we'd stay up late instead of getting up early. We would have gotten there just a few minutes after midnight, except for the hour long backup! We sat on the HIGHWAY for an hour! I was so sure there would be no parking spaces and we'd have to go back home. After 15 minutes of driving up and down the aisles and a near accident, we finally found a spot. Since there was nothing that we really needed, it was fun to just run around and shop. We ended up finding some really good things at the bookstore, some fun books for Vivi, and a set of 4 map posters for under $2! She can learn her states, countries, landmarks, and flags!

At about 1am, Vivi woke up to eat, and was up until 3, talking and giggling at surprised shoppers. When we had hit all the stores we wanted to , we headed back to Novi to Kohls. Every Thanksgiving, without planning on it, we run into Belinda at Kohls. This year, we spotted her right as we walked in the door. She had her 11 year old son with her, who looked tired, but was pretty excited to be out shopping. I had to chuckle at the people who looked at me like I was crazy for bringing a baby out so early in the morning. If only they knew!

We went home and napped until it was time to go to Eric's parents' house for their thanksgiving. Vivi loved seeing her cousins again. The kids played, and then we ate more food. Anya and Asia had made a cranberry applesauce that they were proud of, so we let Vivi taste it. She liked it! I let her taste potatoes again; she did not like that. We hung out until Vivi got tired and a little cranky, and went to bed early!

Saturday my mom did a Thanksgiving dinner for just her kids. More food. Vivi had sweet potatoes for the first time and couldn't get enough!

Here is an album of the pictures I have-we spent more time enjoying the day with Vivi instead of taking pictures so there aren't a ton. I'm pretty proud of the hairstyle I did on her, it was easy and cute!

Thanksgiving 2009

More entries to come, I promise!

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