Monday, December 14, 2009

Henry Ford

Today, Kaylee, Vivi and I went to the Henry Ford Museum. Macy's does a thing for kids every 2nd Monday where kids under 5 get in free and they have special activity stations. It was pretty busy because one of the attractions was seeing Santa and getting a free picture with him. I didn't think Kaylee would want to see him because she is going to another event to see him, and she's seen him at the mall, but even after seeing how long the line was, she still wanted to go. They had a station where you could write a letter to Santa, then we got in line. We were in line for an hour, but Kaylee never complained. They had musicians walking around playing Christmas music and volunteers talking to the kids, so they kept busy for most of it. When we finally got to see Santa they took 2 pictures, one for each girl to take home. I got to take pictures with my camera too. Then we had hot dogs at The Weinermobile Cafe and wandered around the museum for awhile. There is so much to see, we just saw a very small part of it. We bought a membership so we can come back and see the rest later.

Kaylee's favorite part of the day was the giant hot dog bun that you can lay in and get covered up with stuffed toppings. Jenavieve thought it was pretty funny too.

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