Thursday, July 14, 2011


Vivi has been saying some pretty cute stuff lately, I thought I'd share a few, maybe more for my later reminiscing ;)

We went out to eat at a restaurant for my birthday, and my parents came along too. Vivi was sitting on my dad's lap looking around, and saw another guy with similar hair as my dad, wearing the same type of clothes my dad wears. She pointed and said "that's another Bapa" The more she looked, the more sure of it she became, and she started saying That IS another Bapa!" and making sure we all saw him.

At that same dinner, she also picked a big calamari ring off my plate and said "I want to wear this bracelet!" and proceeded to try to wear it.

She likes to take a song she knows, and put in different words, so the other day at nap time she was singing "patty toe, patty toe, baker toe" while tapping her feet together.

Vivi asked for a cup of money. I asked what she would do with a cup of money and she said "put it in a credit card, put it in a wallet..." then she lifted her shirt and patted her belly and said "and put it in a pocket!"

She uses the word 'too' to describe things, like 'too all gone' or when she can't get her pen to work she says "too not work"

When she puts on a hat, necklace, dress, or anything she thinks might be pretty, she runs to the mirror and says "ha-dee-dah!" in a sing-song voice. When she gets a new outfit and we try it on, she says "I need a mirror!"

And of course there's the cute way she says some words-

Her 'f' sound comes out like a 't' sound, so she asks for 'toot' salad and helps make Journey's baby 'tood' bottles.

Her 'L' sound comes out like a 'y' sound, so she looks for the 'bayoon' section at the grocery store

And the way she says 'berry' sounds like 'beya' so she loves strawbeyas, bluebeyas, and wabeyas, and loves story time at the libeya ;)

I know there are tons that I'm missing, and there will be many more to come. This will probably become a regular feature on the blog.

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