Monday, July 25, 2011

Decoupage Letters

Since the house is taking For.Ev.Er...I've started working on the inside of the house, mostly ideas for the kids' rooms. Jenavieve and Journey will share a room, and their theme is garden/outdoors/cutesy nature. I found some cute stencils that will make trees, picket fences, flowers, frogs, etc, and can't stop finding adorable craft ideas to decorate in their room. Stools that look like mushrooms, a butterfly 'chandelier', mini birdhouses that the girls can decorate and then hang...

But, one project at a time! If only our contractor understood that concept... Anyway, I found this cute craft and thought it would be just perfect for in their room!

Simple! So, I used a Michael's coupon to buy a pack of pretty scrapbook paper, then checked every craft store in a 20 mile radius for the kind of letters I had in mind. Couldn't find them. So I settled for these letters from Joanns, and took advantage of their coupon mania promotion over the weekend to get them. I picked pieces of paper from the pack that I liked and put them in an order that evenly distributed the colors, then traced the letters, cut them out, and used a decoupage glue to stick them on. After they dry, I'll trace and cut out the other side of the letter (I got excited and wanted to see what they looked like glued on!) and then I'll put hooks on them and find a nice branch. Vivi's branch is going to have to be pretty big!

I didn't do Journey's yet because the store ran out of J's and Y's, but I'll post more pictures when I get them done.

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