Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Halloween Pictures

I posted more pictures to the album of Vivi's first Halloween

Her first ever trick or treating was a success! We went to Aunt Karen's and Amy and Aunt Karen got to go with us on her first stops, then we went over to trick or treat with Kaylee. Kaylee's big plan was to be ladybugs and ride in her wagon. When we got there, Kaylee was already out trick or treating down the street, so we went out to find her. She saw us first and yelled "JENAVIEVE!!!" and ran toward us, hugged Vivi, then ran past us toward her house to get her wagon. When we came out, we met up with her friend Clara, who joined them in the wagon. Vivi didn't like the wagon ride, but Kaylee and Clara really enjoyed it. Eric is a good wagon puller. We went to a few houses, but then it was getting really cold and windy, so we wrapped Vivi in a blanket, and she ended up falling asleep mid trick or

We headed back to check out our candy and hang out for awhile, then went back over to Aunt Karen's to check in on their candy status and visit with Grandma Ruth, who is up from Florida this week.

All in all, a great Halloween! Click on the picture below to see the album.

Jenavieve's First Halloween

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