Friday, November 6, 2009

6 months!

Our little girl is half a year old already! We've been slowly packing away clothes that are too small (or that still fit but she's been wearing them for 3 months and its time to move on!) and when we weighed her a couple of weeks ago she had hit 14 pounds, so she may have tripled her birth weight by now...we go to the doctor on the 17th.

As sad as it is that she's not a little baby anymore, we're entering the really fun stages so that is exciting. She can sit on her own for pretty much any amount of time. She still hasn't rolled from back to front, but now that she knows she can sit up and play, she refuses to lay down. She's working on crawling, but it sometimes it seems like she might just skip that and move on to walking. She likes to stand on the floor with her hands on the couch and can do it unassisted for a little while.

She's also discovered the many sounds she can make, and our little ham enjoys making those noises loudly in stores. People always come over to tell her how cute she is, which I just know is her plan! Last night at Babies R Us, she was talking up a storm, and a woman came over to talk to her, and when she called her a 'chatty Cathy', Vivi giggled. She knows it.

So, here is her 6 month bear picture, and then for comparison, a picture of her on Mother's Day when she was 4 days old, and a picture of her next to that same outfit. You're not going to believe it!

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