Wednesday, November 18, 2009

6 month check up and the sickies

Vivi had her 6 month check up yesterday, which was good because the night before she started getting stuffy and feeling sick.

I made sure they measured her height correctly this time too, so she was 14.75 lbs (17th %) 26.5 inches (68th %).

She is still developmentally ahead, her doctor was impressed again at her strong neck and back muscles and that she copied her hand movements when she was gesturing. She asked if she was grabbing things yet and I said yes, then she asked if she had tried transferring objects from one hand to another, which she's been doing for weeks. So she held out her pen and Vivi reached out and grabbed it right away. The doctor said "What are you going to do with the pen? Are you going to transfer it?" and right after she said it, Vivi transferred it to her other hand. My little performer!

She is still sick today and I have a little cold too, which probably wasn't helped with my being up all night with her the night before when she was stuffy and annoyed. So last night we got some soup, tea, pudding pops, and the 40th anniversary Sesame Street dvd, and today we just hung out in our pajamas. I'm enjoying the Sesame Street dvd more than she is; since we've never let her sit and watch tv, she doesn't quite know what to do, but she does like the singing and dancing parts. They show a song and skit or 2 from each of the 40 seasons, so far we've only watched 1-5. So, no Elmo yet (her favorite) and Oscar is orange! I had a hard time taking his I love trash song seriously...

My little sickie

Relaxing on the couch

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