Saturday, November 14, 2009


Vivi has really been enjoying eating food with us. So far she has had apples, squash, bananas, avocado, peas, green beans, brown rice, and little tastes of grapes and pomegranates. She loves pomegranates!

So far her favorites are squash and bananas, although she'd eat more pomegranate if we'd let her, she gets excited when she sees one on the counter. So far she has done really well trying new things. She may have had hives after the rice, but it could have just been dry skin. We haven't given her grains since just to be safe.

We have a mesh net that we use to give her chunks of frozen apple to chew on. Yesterday when I was eating grapes, I let her taste it and she got excited so we put a grape in her net. She enjoyed that too.

Her favorite thing is getting an apple slice from the same plate we are eating from!


  1. I'm curious... How does a baby eat a pomegranate seed with no teeth?

  2. Well the seed part is not recommended for babies. You can squeeze the juice out and add it to other foods, but so far I just put a seed between my finger and thumb and put it in her mouth and squeeze, and she slurps all the juice while I hold the seed :)