Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is special about 9 days from today?

It has been way too long since I have written a post.

I have enjoyed having the summer semester off, but I am excited to start back up again tomorrow with Fundamentals of Project Management on Monday nights. After 3 years of asking the department chair to offer the class on campus instead of online they are finally offering an in person session, but I do have to drive out to the Troy campus.

Work has been going great, I have been getting involved with bigger projects now that I have been on my team for almost a year. We are getting extra busy in preparation for the big clinical/revenue system activation at St. Joseph Mercy in Ann Arbor.

I was blessed to have been able to deliver a message at our Church two weeks ago. Unfortunately Pastor D resigned at the end of August so we are in the process of searching for a new pastor. If we are unable to find an interim pastor in October I may have the opportunity to preach again =) When I get a chance I will see if I can post the recording.

Jenavieve is growing faster than I could ever imagine. If you answered the title question with Jenavieve will be 5 months old you get special prize! These last almost 5 months have totally flown by. It has been such a blessing to watch her grown and develop. She was babbling at me today and I told her I loved her and it totally sounded like she said "I wuv you" right back to me. She is such a sweet little pumpkin!

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