Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vivi's 4 month appt

Jenavieve had her 4 month appointment on Tuesday. It was great! She weighs a whopping 12.5 pounds, which is in the 15th percentile. They measured her at 25 1/4 inches, but I'm not sure she's quite that tall, although her pants have been getting a little short. If that is right, she would be in the 74th percentile, so tall and skinny. They gave us these cool graphs that show her progression, even though she is small she is on a steady curve so that is good.

The doctor was again impressed at how strong she is for her age and said developmentally she is way ahead since she is already sitting on her own and is steady on her feet when she holds our hands to stand. She said she has good muscle tone and great skin, and while she was checking her out said "she is just a beautiful baby! You are so lucky!"

Then we talked about shots. We chose her as our pediatrician because she does her research and doesn't over vaccinate, and because she prefers homeopathic remedies over prescription drugs. I love love love her! At our first meeting, I told her that we wanted her to have some/most immunizations, but not right away and spread out. At her 2 month appt, she said that since I wasn't back to work yet and it was summer so nothing was really going around, we could just wait until her 4 month appt to do anything.

On Tuesday she asked if I was still feeling the same about immunizations and asked if she could give her one shot, the DTaP, since pertussis is going around like crazy. 

She sent the nurse in with the shot, and Vivi was starting to get hungry and fussy. The nurse encouraged me to hold her and cuddle her and feed her while she did the shot. Vivi fussed for maybe 10 seconds when she got the shot, and then went right back to eating. She was a little extra cranky yesterday, but other than that was fine.

5 minutes after her first shot with her little Snoopy bandaid, just as cheerful as ever (and look at that chunky thigh!)

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  1. She is so beautiful! You two are very blessed. :)
    (And, she is very blessed to have such great parents!)