Monday, September 28, 2009


Eric's grandpa and step grandma came down to visit last weekend. They had never met Jenavieve. They brought some very cute fleece pajamas that I wish would fit me right about now!

This weekend was mostly uneventful, but on Sunday we did get to go to my friend Alex's church to see her get baptized. It was very cool, her dad got to help baptize her! Their praise band had a trombone and 2 flutes that were pretty exciting for Vivi to watch. She stared intently at them every time they played.

We're getting packed for South Carolina this weekend, I'm pretty excited that it will be in the upper 70's. We'll be visiting Eric's Aunt Chris and Uncle Howard in Myrtle Beach, Vivi's birthfamily in Charleston, and maybe stopping by to meet little Aera in Ohio on the way home. Its a lot to pack into one weekend but it should be fun.

ALSO, I think we forgot to post that we don't have to go to Utah to finalize! Our motion was granted. We still will be finalizing in November, our lawyer will appear in court for us. We got some paperwork this week that has to be signed and notarized and sent back and then we wait for our court date.

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