Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apple Orchard

We took Jenavieve to the apple orchard for the first time on Sunday. She loved it! We went on a hayride, where she wasted no time pulling a handful of hay out of the bale and shoving it in her mouth. She carried an apple around and slobbered all over the outside, and we decided to leg her taste the inside of an apple. She wasn't sure she liked it at first, but she kept licking it anyway.

After our bag was full, we went across the street to the cider mill and got cider and donuts and a cider slush! They had a giant rocking chair photo op that was pretty funny, talk about a size comparison picture! The chair was solid wood and actually rocked, it was very cool.

There are a lot of really cute pictures, too many to put on this page, so click on the picture below to go to the online album.

Apple Orchard 2009

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