Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sonic, and cousins

The new Sonic opened in Commerce this week. Yesterday we braved the 30-45 minute wait to try it out. It was good, and the waiters really wear roller skates! All of their food sounds good, but I think we'll wait a while until the novelty wears off before we go again. 

The crazy long line-they had 6 lanes and people directing the traffic!
Note to self-if you are having a slushie the night before a post placement visit, don't choose blue! My lips were still stained a little this morning!

We went to a family dinner at Eric's parents house because Amanda, Anya, and Asia were visiting. Vivi is going through a little phase where she doesn't like anyone else to hold her, but she did let her Great Grandma Thomas hold her for a couple of minutes, and Aunt Amanda got to hold her a little too. We got a cute picture of Jenavieve with her cousins, probably the last picture of just the 3 cousins before #4 comes in September :)

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