Thursday, July 23, 2009

PPV 1-check!

We had our first post placement visit this morning. A post placement visit is a visit to our house by a caseworker to check on how we are doing. She writes a report and sends it to our agency, and that is part of the paperwork shown to the court when we finalize the adoption. Its really just a formality and not really a big deal, but it is one milestone closer to finalization.

The visit went really well. Vivi woke up from a nap all cheerful just when the case worker was pulling up. She asked about Vivi's development, her doctor visits, her schedule, and how we are doing, and just watched us play with her for awhile. It took less than an hour. 

Now she'll just write her report and send it to Utah, and we'll see her one more time in September.

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