Friday, May 22, 2009

We're home!

On Wednesday we were getting pretty antsy, we had been trying not to go too far from the hotel just in case we got our call, because we really wanted to get out of there as soon as we could. Well we didn't exactly get a call, we got a text message ?!?! that said "ICPC came through, you can go" Seriously? That's what we were waiting for?? Oh well, we checked the website for flights and found one that was leaving in just over an hour. I had already packed most of our stuff, so Eric took the rental car to get washed and put gas in it while I threw the rest of the stuff in our suitcases and we booked it out of there. We had 2 rolling suitcases, a duffel bag, the pack n play, a backpack, briefcase, diaper bag, and Jenavieve in her car seat with the base attached. We probably looked ridiculous! We didn't have to wait to return the car, and there was no line to check in at the airport. Just a little bit of a line at security and a guy who was skeptical of our formula, and we got to the gate just as they announced boarding. Phew! Jenavieve was so good on both flights, she didn't cry at all. 

When we landed in Detroit, I took Vivi into the bathroom to change her diaper and put on a special outfit. It is the outfit that my mom, and Janelle and I all wore home form the hospital. I thought it would be fitting for her to wear it home from the airport. My parents and Janelle and Ryan were waiting for us with a sign, and we took a couple of minutes to take pictures and for them to visit with Vivi, then a super nice guy put all of our luggage on a cart and took it all the way out to the car (where was he in Salt Lake City when it was just the 2 of us???) and we got to go home!

Someone anonymously snuck over and decorated our front door with a sign and balloons (thank you to whoever that was!) We also came home to a couple of gifts people had sent. It was so nice to be home, the cats were happy to see us, and felt huge after carrying little Vivi! I missed our shower, and my nice conditioner, the hotel had volumizing, which my hair did not appreciate!

Thursday Vivi and I went to work while Eric caught up on sleep. It was so nice to be back, I really missed the kids, and I think they grew while I was gone! After work, Vivi and I went to visit my mom at work so she could show her off to her coworkers. Then we swung home to pick up Eric and visit his office, then to Babies R Us to finish registering and over to my parents house to see Adam and Amy (and Aunt Karen and Uncle Chris!) While we were there, Sam and Lacey were driving by and saw our car and stopped by. Then we went to see Eric's parents and Grandma for dinner so they could see Jenavieve. It was a long day but it was nice to see people we knew besides Grandma Breakfast and Chase at the hotel desk!

A friend of mine recommended a product for Vivi's hair called Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. We couldn't find it in Utah so I had my mom pick one up so we would have it when we got home, so we tried that last night. It is supposed to moisturize her hair and scalp to keep them healthy while still keeping it soft. As I rubbed it into her hair, it suddenly curled up into tight curls! It was so cute! The top of it stayed, but the back and sides pretty much flattened out when she slept on it, but it feels a lot nicer, it was really starting to dry out in Utah. 

Today Eric went back to work and I tried to nap a little, but mostly tried to organize and put stuff away. No more suitcase living for us! My mom visited on her way home from work for awhile, and Uncle Rick and Aunt Laura stopped by too.

Tomorrow so far we don't have anything planned, so we're looking forward to spending some time just hanging out at home with the cats and the baby. I think Jenavieve might get her first real bath, so we'll post pictures of that! 

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their prayers for us while we were on this crazy roller coaster, it was nice to know that the whole time we were there, there were a bunch of people all over the country praying for us, we really felt it, and God really took care of us, everything went so smoothly. We are so blessed!

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