Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Mother's Day!

We met Kapri and Quez for breakfast in the lobby, then spent some time resting since some people had spent a long day before flying and others were up all night because some beautiful little girl likes to sleep all day and be awake all night.

Then we all got dressed up to go to a park and take pictures and then go to dinner. This is Jenavieve's special mother's day outfit I picked out for her.

Everyone at the park
Grandma, mom, daughter

We went to Golden Corral for dinner, which is a yummy buffet

Jenavieve's buffet

A good size comparison-this is a newborn size onesie, my little peanut!
My mother's day present-my mom made a quilt for Vivi

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  1. Aw, Happy Mother's Day Jasmine! You are going to be such an awesome mom!