Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still in Utah...

We didn't get clearance today, so we're here for at least another day. Today was an adventure though, it really helped the day go by while we were waiting for our call.

We spent some time this morning with Jenavieve's Utah grandma, the woman who puts breakfast out at the hotel. She has paid attention to us since we first got here, and knows our whole story and Jenavieve's name, and got to know our family when they were here. Every morning she greets us and says "did you get your call yet?" She goes out of her way to help us, and it has been nice to have a familiar face here. This morning she told us that she would be gone until Thursday and that even though she was going to really miss us, she hoped we would be gone when she comes back. She also told us this morning that there was a kid at breakfast earlier who was coughing a lot, so she was watching out for us. She said "if I saw you coming down I was going to send you right back up!" She's so sweet. So we let her spend some time holding Jenavieve and talking to us, and got a picture of them. We're going to send her a nice thank you card when we get home.

After a mid morning nap, we headed to a local chocolate factory because the sign said they give tours. It was alright, we were the only ones there, and we watched a documentary on the history of chocolate, which was actually really interesting, and it was fun to watch it while smelling the chocolate in the factory. They are having their slow time so the factory was pretty empty and not doing too much, but we got to see what everything did and then we got a free sample. 

Then we went back to the Old Spaghetti Factory for a late lunch. The waitress who suggested we go to Park City told us to come back and see her before we left (we're quite popular in Utah!) and the food was really good so we went and asked to be in her section. As soon as she saw us she said "Did you go to Park City? How did you like it?" She was so sweet, she even remembered what we had eaten last week. She remembered that we have to go back to finalize in November and said "I'm still planning on working here so come back and see me!". When we left she packed up our leftovers and even gave us an extra little loaf of bread. Both times she packed us extra butter and packets that have forks and salt and pepper in it, since she knew we were staying in a hotel.

We walked down to Potter Barn Kids and got Jenavieve a cute little mouse house I saw on sale last week and had been thinking about. Its all fabric so it will be easy to pack and take home, and someday when she's playing with it I can tell her how we got it in Utah when we went to make her part of our family. 

We decided to take a scenic way home, and found a road that went up hill. We drive by this mountain every day that has these huge beautiful houses and we had thought it would be cool to go find it and see the view. So when we saw that road, we followed it. There was one road that was really steep, I don't think Eric's old truck would have made it up! The sub with the huge houses was gated, but there was another road, so we followed that, and ended up finding a park, which had a trail up the mountain to a platform at the top! It was about a half mile walk up to the platform that was 498 feet up. It was a little steep, but not too bad. Good thing Eric is strong, he carried Jenavieve up in her car seat! The view was worth it though!

The view from about half way up

The view of the Great Salt Lake off in the distance. The highway you can see about a quarter of the way up is the one we use to get just about everywhere. Our hotel is about 3 miles to the right.
The big white building in the center is the capitol building. We had just driven through there so it was really fun to see it from up so high.
Jenavieve and the Great Salt Lake

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